Global United Fellowship

Global United Fellowship 2023- 2024 Ministry Initiatives

GUF School of Christian Education 2023 and Beyond

Director: Sr. Vice Presider: Bishop John Guns

GUF School of Christian Education will offer 2 certification programs via webinars, virtual classes and in-person study. The student will be presented with the theological/biblical foundation of GUF.

The School will share through instruction the pillars of spiritual formation that ensure the healthiness of the leader and believer.

Clearly and concisely the Seven Mountains of Influence are conveyed, which will serve as a framework for how GUF seeks to impact the world and provide a solid biblical framework for its foundation, which is PRAYER.

Pastoral Development

Director: Dr. Stacey L. Spencer

To fulfill the goal of equipping Pastors in GUF to navigate these turbulent waters, Pastoral Development consists of strategic workshops during the national conferences, teaching on Evangelism, Bridging the Digital Divide, Leadership Development, the Rhythm of Sabbatical, Community Development, etc.

In addition to these workshops, we will also offer regional conferences, quarterly webinars, Pastor 2 Pastor Coaching, and Marriage Mentorship. Dr. Spencer welcomes the opportunity to work with GUF to create a combined approach to pastoral development that leverages both the leader’s existing skill and his ability to meet needs collectively and individually.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Director: Bishop Darryl Husband

This ministry will strategically focus on Church, Community and Global Prayer to resuscitate, establish and sustain prayer as a culture in GUF as it seeks to become a transformational organism in the world.

Global United Fellowship Evangelism

Director: Bishop Myceo Smith II

GUF Evangelism Areas of Focus:

  1. Church

  2. Members

  3. Pastor

  4. Open Door Evangelism Concept

  5. Community Engagement

  6. Positions of Serving

GUF Global Awards

Director: Pastor Ylawnda Peebles

The Global Awards Ceremony will be a part of our annual conference, “The Gathering.”

This Awards Program will foster a community of workers, making an impact through awards and incentive-based programs. Global Awards will be issued to deserving recipients of Global United Fellowship who have demonstrated intrepid work done by the leaders and churches of GUF.

Global United Fellowship Business Initiative Development

Director: Bishop Sidney Malone

The GUF Business Initiative Development Initiative will give the following to GUF Members:

  1. Immediate audience with an international customer base

  2. Networking opportunities with professionals from other genres, thereby exposing oneself to the “iron sharpens iron” principle.

  3. Connection with fellow business people who through connection will share ideas and forge consortiums.

  4. An association with a vision that’s greater than the individual’s pursuit, thereby expanding ideas and opportunities for one‘s personal endeavors.

  5. Maintaining balance through spiritual connection.

  6. Opportunities to get away from the grind of their profession, thereby sharpening their mental acumen and creating opportunities to refresh and release.

  7. Exposure. Exposure. Exposure!

  8. Opportunities to implement the principle of seedtime and harvest.

  9. Tax incentives and write-offs for their businesses due to nonprofit status and trustworthy accounting principles.

Global United Prophetic Institute

Director: Dr. Torrey Phillips

Classes offered under the Global United Fellowship School of Christian Education will teach students sensitivity, structure and strategy relative to stewarding the voice of God.

The ambition of these courses is to properly educate and equip those who have been called to the Ministry of the Prophetic. Upon completion of this course, students will receive certification and be confident, competent and effective in their calling.

The Global Christian Actors Association (GCAA)

Director: Minister Mark McKinnon

The Global Christian Actors Association (GCAA) brings together actors, directors, and writers who have confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The mission is to educate, develop, and train artists to save families through dramatic presentations and productions. GCAA will help churches nationally and internationally by enhancing their drama ministry productions and skits.

GCAA provides workshops and conferences that will bring actors from all over the world together to learn artistically as well as spiritually.

Health and Fitness Initiative

Director: Bishop Marlon Harvin

Our goal is to Unite, Equip, Enhance, Resurrect & Build through health and fitness training:

  • TO UNITE for common health and fitness goals throughout the Body of the Global United Fellowship and the Body of Christ. This will create an atmosphere of encouragement, support and teamwork.

  • TO EQUIP through explicit, extensive and simplistic education in the areas of physical health and fitness.

  • TO ENHANCE for the purpose of accomplishing and excelling in personal and corporate health and fitness goals that will result in a

    better sense of wellness, strength and health.

  • TO RESURRECT the dying disciplines of devotion, motivation, consistency and perseverance. We help create the drive to Trust the Process. “You get OUT what you put IN.”

  • TO BUILD personal confidence through challenges and encouragement.

Global United Fellowship Intramural Sports

Director: Minister Jordan Peebles

GUF Intramural Sports Program provides an opportunity for every interested individual to participate in competitive recreational sports activities within the framework of the Fellowship.

This program offers guidance for individual development through various activities as well as through social contact, leadership, fellowship, and participation, regardless of their skill and ability. These opportunities will develop a positive attitude toward lifetime recreation, personal growth and development using fun interactions and leadership experiences.

Global United Fellowship NOW Division

Director: Dr. Michael Fisher

The NOW Division is a collective of youth and young adults and is purposed to prepare the 12yr-40yr demographic to step into their position of carrying the sacred mission of the church.

The Now Division proposes to engage these demographics separately with the common goal in mind of reviving interest in the kingdom work and promoting retention among those who desire to stray toward the draw from the world.

The approach will be three-fold — Events, Fellowship and Education. The NOW Division is dedicated to changing the outlook of this present young generation and the generations to come concerning their role within the Body of Christ.

Global United Network

Director: Bishop Leofric Thomas

The mission of Global United Network is to develop a platform that will house all of Global Churches’ media and content. This is a place where Ministry, Education, and Entertainment are not just for members but for visitors from around the world.

It is a network that pays for itself, and one that brings in additional revenue with a profit-sharing partnership.

Global United Fellowship Music & Fine Arts

Director: Bishop Cortez Vaughn

GUF Music & Fine Arts aims to support the fellowship through music and fine arts by providing effective teaching, development and execution according to the global structure that positively enhances the member churches on the local level.

We create intentional moments/sessions that share the purpose and heart of worship so that the individuals build a lifestyle of praise and worship that enhances the corporate body when brought together.

This will include biblical teachings, vocal training, technique development and more.