Global United Fellowship

Emerging Churches

Greetings Everyone,

What a fortuitous season it is to be connected with Global! As we approach just our sixth year of existence, the Global United Fellowship (GUF) has taken it’s place as one of the premier God-centered organizations this generation has ever witnessed. In five incredibly flourishing years, Global has grown in monumental increments; presently committed to serving over 1400 churches in over 40 countries around the world.

Our Presiding Prelate, His Grace, Bishop Neil C Ellis, has taken the mantle that God placed in his spirit and he has unselfishly shared it with the world. With a prodigious and prophetic voice for this season, coupled with an insatiable heart for serving humanity, Bishop Ellis leads this fellowship with honor, integrity and passion.

Our Bishop is supported by tremendously gifted tiers of leadership. GUF’s economic, educational and social media outreach components are second to none. The executive and governing counsels, along with the metropolitans, provincials and district leaders all represent the fellowship with the same God-ordained principles as its illustrious leader. Global valiantly strives to prepare teaching sessions where pastors and church leaders can address any areas of concern they may have and be discipled, even while being encouraged to stand in agreement with the Word of God and defeat the enemy at every turn.

One of the more recent additions to this epic Fellowship, is that of the “EMERGING CHURCH.” This wondrous concept of our Presiding Bishop is designed to cover any church among us with 300 members or less, seeking to embrace and assure them that every church and ministry has merit, value and voice, regardless of its size. The idea is designed to ensure that every church, whether it be urban or rural, whether it has 13 members or 300, regardless of its denominational or religious background, will be viewed with the same regard and respect as any other church or ministry.

EMERGING CHURCHES is also a conduit for Global. It welcomes any ministry that desires to be connected to GUF. You matter! Your voice should be heard. You have much to offer. There is a place at the table for you in Global United Fellowship.

We have just concluded a phenomenal week in Nassau, Bahamas. The Spirit of God simply engulfed the entire “Gathering,” using His servants in incredible ways. The messages, the worship, the fellowship, the panel discussions were, in a word, INCREDIBLE! Voices, including our Presiding Bishop, as well as Bishop Marvin Sapp, Dr. Jamal Bryant, Dr. Carolyn Showell, just to name a few, blessed us immensely. You could not have attended this conference and not come away a different person.

So now, we set our sights on 2020. We will convene in the great city of Cincinnati, Ohio and we’re expecting record attendance. We’re already excited about the next level of ministry excellence that will overtake us. You do not want to miss this golden opportunity.  We’re believing God for at least 200 new EMERGING CHURCHES by July of next year. Pray about it and let the Lord lead you into your season of excellence and excitement. Global United Fellowship is real, it’s impacting, and you don’t want to miss the next major move of God.

As I said before, what a fortuitous season it is to be connected to GUF! This is your season for success.

Yours in Him,

+Matthew Marvin Odum
Vice Presider
GUF/ Emerging Churches